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HydroPulse - The Innovative Parts Washer
The Goff Advantage
  Goff throws water with a wheel - No nozzles to plug - less maintenance, water thrown in large pulsating waves to clean faster. 

Better work positioning - You have to hit the work to clean it.  The more directly the work is hit by the blast, the faster it will clean.  Goff uses various work positioning equipment to provide the optimum exposure to the wash. 

Superior water conditioning -   Drag conveyors to automatically remove heavy soils.  More efficient heater systems use hotter water to clean faster with less chemical.




Spinner Hanger
Cleans large quantities of small parts faster. Handles a wide variety of non-tumble work. Faster cleaner of non-tumble work.  Multiple work chambers - cleaning in back chambers while the front chamber is being loaded.  For every minute of loading time - the parts are exposed to two minutes of wash time.
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