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Goff Blast Cleaning Equipment
Goff Barrel  Blast Machines
The Goff Barrel Blast machines offer the most efficient work handling for an even cleaning.
Goff Table Blast Machines
The Goff Table Blast machines are the most versatile work handling - almost anything that fits inside can be cleaned if turned over or fixtured.
Goff Spinner Hanger Blast Machines
The Goff  Spinner Hanger are the most efficient for cleaning many types of components that are not suitable for tumbling because of their shape or size.
The Goff Blast Wheel
The Goff Blast Wheel is direct drive using a snap-lock blade design with forward curved blades for greater abrasive velocity and faster cleaning.  The Wheel Housing is fully lined with all parts being replaceable.
Goff's micromesh pass-thru blast machine Wire Mesh Continuous Shot Blast
Goff's Wire Mesh Belt continuous production shot blast cleaning machines are designed to offer high production cleaning and surface preparation of various parts and castings with less material handling.
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