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  Goff Tumble Blast
  • Work is loaded in bulk
  • Parts are tumbled in blast to cover every surface automatically
  • Reversing the mill, automatically unload the work
  • Work loads of one cubic foot to 24 cubic feet are available


Goff 3 Cube Tumble Blast

Goff 6 Cube Tumble Blast 

Goff 12 Cube Barrel Blast with Loader and Take-away Conveyor

    Automatic Processing
    After loading the parts, automatic sequencing begins - 
    • Door closes and mill starts
    • Blast wheel starts
    • Blast cycle completes
    • The parts tumble after the blast stops to remove the abrasive
    • Door opens - take-away conveyor starts
    • Mill is reversed
    • The mill turns on and off to spread out the parts on the take-away conveyor
    • The mill stops - ready for the next load.
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