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The Blast Wheel

The blast wheel assembly is the heart of every Goff machine.  Direct drive units,
each Goff wheel is equipped with 4, 7, or 8 curved blades depending on the wheel 
diameter.  During the blast operation ameasured flow of abrasive falls continuously through the feed spout intothe impeller, which is rotating insynchronization with the blast wheel. Theabrasive accelerates within the impeller and is smoothly inserted onto the individual blades through a slot, which is adjusted by rotating the control cage, determines the direction of the blast stream and allows the "hot spot" to be easily set.  An ammeter measurers the actual flow of abrasive.


    The Goff Difference

  • Direct Drive Assures maximum energy is optimally used at all times.

  • Curved Blades  Curved in the direction of the rotation to provide high velocity and even distribution.

  • Snap-Lock Blade Design Enables quick and easy removal and replacement of worm blades.

  • Blade  Weighed prior to leaving the factory to improve the balance and life expectancy of the wheel assembly, while also reducing noise and vibration

  • Fully Lined Wheel Housing With interlocking, cast wear-resistant liners.

  • Adjustable Valve Allows precise control of abrasive flow.

  • Change wheel diameter from 12" to 13-1/2" to 15" by just changing blades.

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