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Goff Specialty Blast Machines
     The Goff  Skew Roll cleans lengths of pipe by rotating it as it travels through the blast cleaning area. 
     The Goff  BT Concrete Finishing Blast Equipment provides a unique finish on concrete blocks. 
     Surface finish can be influenced by the speed of passage through the machine, different abrasive sizes can be used and, as an option, the speed at which the abrasive is thrown onto the concrete pieces can be changed.

Goff 10' Wide Plate Blaster

Goff Plate Blaster cleans wind turbines prior to fabrication


Plate blaster for wind turbines prior to fabrication

Automatic, multiple blast wheels, automatic blow-off

Goff Wheelblast Peeners





Goff airless 96" peen blaster for wind turbine gearboxesPeening pattern for wind turbine gears

Goff Spinner Hanger for uniform peening of wind turbine gears

Goff  peeners - the 96" Table Blast for large parts and the Spinner Hanger for smaller parts


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