TechniBlast sells equipment to  blast clean, peen,and wash to wind turbine gearboxes

Airless Blast Cleaning, Shot Peening, Aqueous Power Cleaning

Wind Turbine Gearboxes

Peen large gears for Wind turbines

Peen gears for wind turbines

Peen Gears

Gearbox replacement in Wind Turbines is very expensive. TechniBlast's equipment can maximize turbine life.

  • Wheel Blast Shot Peening to improve the durability of gear parts.
  • Aqueous Clean gearbox components to remove particulate which can reduce life and performance and necessitate additional in-field maintenance.


Goff Wheelblast Peeners

Improve Gear Durability and performance

Goff airless 96" peen blaster for wind turbine gearboxes Peening pattern for wind turbine gears

Goff Spinner Hanger for uniform peening of wind turbine gears

Goff Large Parts Peener Goff Small Parts Peener


Automatic Parts Washers

Insure long life with "Clean" internal components from the factory

Goff HydroPulse to clean small wind turbine parts Clean Products pass-thru washer for wind turbine parts Clean Products batch washers for wind turbine parts
Goff HydroPulse Spinner Hanger Clean Products Continuous Washer Clean Products Batch Washer


Large Part Washers

"Ultra Clean" with high pressure using pressurized, low micron filtration.  Recycle and reheat the wash water.  Manually direct the wash to critical areas.



Clean Products pressure wash booth for large wind turbine parts

Clean Products pressure wash system with tank to clean wind turbine parts
Clean Products Booth Clean Products Wash-bay Water Recycler

Clean with two spray wands  -

  • High pressure, low volume
  • High volume, low pressure
  • Recycle and reuse wash water
    • Electric heat
    • high pressure pump with powered input filter
    • 2 spray wands

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