Peen Plating

36x30/PC Direct Pressure


Powder to Metal Peen Plating

Peen Plating is a method used to apply a thin film coating to a part to form a friction reducing surface.

With the use of an air blast cabinet, a mixture of steel abrasive and a powdered lubricant that is sprayed at a pre-determined velocity against the part to make the bonding process more effective.

The 36x30/PC Pressure Blast Cabinet, shown here, can be used for this process of Peen Plating by using heavier steel shot abrasive versus lighter media.


36x30/PC Equipment Features -

  • Blast cabinet is constructed of 14 gauge welded steel

  • 3/4" piping & heavy duty abrasive mixing valve

  • ASME Coded pressure vessel with easy access clean-out port, automatic sealing plunger, and pneumatic vibrator

  • 30-120 psi pressure range

  • Abrasive capacity - 100 lbs standard

  • Work floor with expanded metal grate over fine mesh screen

Specifications -

  • 69 watts of fluorescent lighting

  • Automatic draining moisture filter

  • Pressure regulator and gauge

  • Cloth lined Neoprene blast gloves

  • 1/2" ID heavy duty blast hose

  • Tungsten carbide nozzle

  • 800 CFM Pull-through type dust collector with 1 HP, 115V motor, includes 14 Tubular filter bags

  • Manual filter bag shaker

  • Slide-out dust disposal drawer

  • Adjustable vacuum intake


Depth 30"

Width 36"

Height 23"


Depth 36"

Width 40"

Height 64"

Door Openings

Side Door (2 ea) 17" x 16"

Front Door 36" x 13"

Dust Collector 40" w x 40" d

Shipping weight approx 855 lbs.

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